Venture Building

We invest in deeptech products in pre-seed and seed stages with cash & equity model.

With nearly 15 years of experience working with founders and building over 10 product companies, we have gained valuable insights into the critical processes of bootstrapping businesses in their early stages.

We have also gained key insights into team and product development. Using this experience and our verified and well-established processes, we invest in deeptech products on pre-seed and seed stage.

Project selection process

We invest with cash & equity model in

  • Projects that have an experienced and dedicated (full–time) business team with experience in the field of company/startup market
  • Projects need to be successfully funded in a pre–seed or a seed stage – meaning the project was successfully validated by business investors
  • Projects may be in any technological stage (no product at all – only vision, PoC, MVP, …) but after joining teonite as a partner and technology partner we are required to be responsible for the technology area, delivery process, and project quality
  • Projects that we can invest in and obtain min. 10% company equity

Pitch deck

For each project to be evaluated, we require to submit a pitch deck, which includes the following aspects:

  • Problem – what is the problem and how does it impact business or technology aspects?
  • Solution – what is the solution to the Problem?
  • The team – information about the team and their experience in the Problem field
  • Market – try to convince that the opportunity has a big enough market to be worth investing in
  • Capital allocation – what’s the purpose of the fundraising – what do you need money for
  • Investment expectations – what are the team investment expectations and what is the proposition for our fund (how much equity our fund will get)

Followup call

After reviewing the pitch deck (typically 5 business days) – if the project will be accepted for further evaluation there will be a follow–up call, which will be a deep dive into the project itself.

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